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The Secret Studio – WBKK Kota Kinabalu International Airport v1.1.0


KKIA or Kota Kinabalu International Airport is Malaysia’s second busiest airport after KLIA. Situated in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo, KKIA serves the city of Kota Kinabalu as well as the entire west coast of Sabah.

This scenery also contains two iconic landmarks situated to the north across the bay, Tun Mustapha Tower and Menara Kinabalu, the latter of which has a functional heli-pad.

Updates to this airport scenery will be provided from time to time to enhance the user experience. All updates to all of our airport scenery products are provided free of charge.


– Included KKIA Monsoon Storm Landing Challenge

– Runway 02 approach enhanced:
– Taman Teluk Villa custom buildings
– Taman Pasir Putih custom buildings
– Added a VOR antenna to Bukit VOR
– Added Masjid Al Hilal
– Added Balai Cerap Al-Biruni Negeri Sabah
– Correctly positioned the outflow pipe

– Runway 20 approach enhanced:
– Removed incorrect tall buildings
– Tun Mustapha Tower has been re-modelled and re-textured
– Menara Kinabalu has been re-modelled and re-textured
– Added Minara Kinabalu helipad lighting
– Both Landmarks are now collidable

– Terminal 1:
– Ramps 15-19 now have the correct stop bar markings
– Terminal windows now show a much darker tint during the daytime

– General:
– Buildings around the Kampung Kepayan and control tower area that should be foliage have been replaced with foliage
– Kampung Kepayan has been replaced with more accurate buildings
– Layang-Layang Airport (LAC)

– The island had no foliage, the runway markings were incomplete and the buildings were
incorrect. This area has been improved with customised runway markings, aprons, more
accurate hangars and resort buildings. Various areas have been populated with foliage.

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