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Tega Airports – LIPO Brescia / Montichiari Airport v1.5.0



Brescia-Montichiari Airport is an Italian airport located in Montichiari, serving the city of Brescia.

In 1909, the first air show in Italy took place here, which was attended by figures such as the Wright brothers, Glenn Curtiss and Louis Blériot.

Today, the airport hosts the Freight hub of Poste Air Cargo (until 2019 better known as Mistral Air) which established a partnership with Amazon: many parcels travelling to the surrounding areas are delivered through planes landing in Montichiari.
A local flight school (AeroClub Brescia) is also present, having a fleet of 9 general aviation aircrafts.


• High quality reproduction of Montichiari Airport, including abandoned areas
• Custom 3D models based on real imagery
• True-to-reality reproduction of ground layout and markings
• Custom night lighting, including accurate Approach Lighting System
• Custom apron lights and wiggling CAT III animated position lights
• Calibration from scratch of the entire DME, ILS (LOC and GP) and PAPI systems
• Roadside reproduction with parkings outside the passenger and freight terminals
• Accurate simplification of the objects complexity, FPS friendly

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