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“Naha Airport” is the door to the globally renowned resort of Okinawa, and at the same time it is a crucial airport to Japan as the JSDF bases for land, sea, and air are located there.
This product covers and represents Naha Airport based on meticulous research. You can fully enjoy the new international terminal just opened in 2014 situated adjacent to Senagajima island, along with the sea full of shining emerald green coral reefs.
Everything around the airport has been accurately reproduced in pursuit of realism excellence, including surrounding facilities such as the JSDF Naha base, apron markings or runway touchdown zones, even a taxiway sign of higher visibility.
Further, P-3C of JMSDF (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force), F-15J and E-2C of JASDF (Japan Air Self-Defense Force) have been incorporated as AI aircraft traffic.

FS Add-on collection series is made in JAPAN.Product Features

  • Extremely realistic airport
  • Animated CTRL+J jetways
  • AFX file representing actual airline parking positions (Some parking lots can park the default aircraft)
  • Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport
  • Add static airport ground vehicles
  • Add a new international terminal building
  • Pseudo shadows
  • Add JSDF AI traffic (P-3C, F-15J, E-2C)
  • Road traffic
  • Add dynamic lighting to all apron lights. P3Dv4 or later (User option)
  • Functionality verified: Orbx FTX Global BASE Pack ver.1.4.4 *1
  • Version for FSX/FSX SE/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/P3Dv4/P3Dv5 *2
    Much more…..

*1: The priority level in the scenery library may need to be changed.
If you use scenery products other than Orbx FTX Global BASE Pack ver.1.4.4 manufactured by other companies,
you can avoid conflicts by changing the priority level in the scenery library, or by deleting specific files.
However please note that, this would be outside the scope of our support.

*2: When installed to Prepar3D V5, the AI traffic parking positions cannot always be correctly assigned in some OS language environments. When this happens, change “Change system locale…” in the OS into “English (United States)” for proper operation.

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