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StickAndRudder – X-Camera


X-Camera is an advanced view plugin for X-Plane . It can be used to create hundreds of unique views for the cockpit, for external aircraft views, and for views at the airport or other world locations. It offers many configurable options on a per camera basis and features a very responsive TrackIR experience with head movement limits.


  • Define up to 20 categories of cameras and up to 150 cameras per category
  • Responsive TrackIR support with head position limits
  • Many options that can be enabled or disabled per camera
    • TrackIR and Limits
    • HeadShake
    • XPRealistic
    • Scenic Flyer
    • Yoke Visibility
    • Cinema Verite
    • View Axis Inputs
    • Initial Zoom Level
    • External Camera
    • Level Camera
    • Pitch and Heading tracking
    • Free Camera
    • Target Following Camera
    • Custom Fly-Bys and Orbits
  • Camera Transitions Between Cameras
    • Smooth and Bezier Curves
    • Great for Creating Cinematic Videos of your Flights 
  • Airport Cameras Automatically Created at Stands, Signs, Runways, and Tower
  • Cameras on the X-Plane Aircraft Carrier and Frigate
  • Any External Camera can be viewed from the perspective of any of the X-Plane AI aircraft
  • Color coded Dynamic Mini-Control Panel Allows you to Quickly Select Any Camera
  • Numerous Commands That Can be Mapped to Your Joystick for Camera Selection and Control
  • Built-in Community Camera File Sharing

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