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Stairport – SAM World Jetways plugin/extension


SAM WorldJetways is a SAMv2 extension that automatically animates the jetways (if any) on all X-Plane 11 default airports. These are e.g. all airports with Jetways from the Gateway (Global Airports). Even airports with Jetways from the Mister-X Library work with it.

Adding animated jetways is not new. In the past or actually it’s still available is the package from Marginal “AutoGate”, but with the release of World Jetways from Stairport, less and less add-on payware and freeware airports are using Marginals AutoGate and more developers move to Stairport SAM World Jetways. One of the differences between Marginals AutoGate and SAM World Jetways is that Marginal AutoGate can be freely used while SAM Jetways is a payware add-on package.

Anyway, sometimes new add-on airports do have a feature build in that support Marginal AutoGate, but what said before, more and more new X-Plane 11 airports are supporting SAM Jetways. When you look to all the features and suppose you also install Stairport SAM Suite, other possible features are added, but not yet installed. More about that later.

According to the dedicated X-Plane.Org store page, the SAM Jetways package “Equips every standard/default airport in X-Plane 11 with animated and fully functional passenger boarding bridges with this addition “SAM WorldJetways” to the popular Scenery Animation Manager. The animation is either manual or automatic.

– Animated versions for all default jetway objects
– Automatic replacement for all default airports worldwide
– Animated versions for all MisterX library jetway objects
– Automatic replacement for all airports using MisterX library jetways
– Compatible with all SAM functions that are automatic and manual connection mode or automatic door control and full VR-compatible menu”

How to Use It and How to Install

Before starting with how to install it, I would like to start with the following; what do you need to download or what do you get? That’s weird as if something is wrong or confusing, right?

I got my SAM World Jetways package via X-Plane.Org. The provided link – AS_SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER_XPLANE11_WINDOWS-MAC-LINUX_V204.zip – is as of this writing August 20th old, and will be replaced by version 2.1.0. Anyway, once bought via X-Plane.Org or Aerosoft, a separate email with serial is send to you to activate the World Jetways plugin. This package is actually only the plugin for the World Jetways while Stairport also offers a SAM Suite with integrated not only World Jetways, but also other freeware extensions. See the SAM Suite as the installer/updater for other extensions and/or the World Jetways plugin.

By using SAM Suite which is for example comparable to Steam or when you are familiar with the Orbx Central, it gets updated automatically every time you start the suite. In fact, it downloads the latest content whenever you have it installed can will keep it always up to date. If there is an update for any SAM package either base plugin or any extension, SAM Suite will show you that with a red update button provided that the corresponding package is installed.

So far so good?
In other words, I could use the download link from X-Plane.Org after I bought SAM World Jetways, but it’s better to use and install SAM Suite which is available via this X-Plane.Org link. This has not only my preference using and installing SAM Suite, but also strongly suggested by Marten from Stairport.

The SAM2 Suite installation
The current and latest version as per August 2020 is SAM2 Suite version 2.1.0 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. I’m reviewing the SAM Jetways for macOS on Catalina and when Big Sur is a bit more stable, I will also test it with Big Sur which is right now still in Public Beta. The provided SAM Suite is for me on an iMac Pro a macOS “dmg” file. When I double click – Windows SAM Suite is just an “exe” file – the SamSuite.dmg and after being mounted, I end up with a popup window with the SamSuite app in it.

Next I need to copy and paste the app to the Applications folder as written in the provided text file. Then, but only once, you click the SimSuite app from within the macOS Applications folder and since macOS can’t verify the developer, you need to click the “Cancel” button, open “System Preferences – Security & Privacy – General” and click below the “Open Anyway” button where also is written that SamSuite was blocked from using it because it is not from an identified developer.

In the next popup window click the middle Open button and you’re done. But again, you only need to do these steps once. Perhaps a bit complicated, but these steps are on macOS needed, but the good news is that we can now start with SAM Suite. By the way, when you find that easier – I do – make a shortcut/alias from the Sam Suite app on your desktop.

SAM2 Suite and Activation
What written before, SamSuite is your starting point for the Stairport plugin and/or extensions. These others products are the SAM Base Plugin, World Jetways, Static Aircrafts, Global Trees, Seasons and Scenery Developer Pack. Let me stick right now to the World Jetways function since that’s what this review is all about and the belonging SAM Base Plugin.

But first, when you and I open SamSuite you see on the following screenshot that World Jetways is the only unlicensed application. So what do we need to do? We click in the section World Jetways the download button. In the popup window we’re ask to enter our email address that you used during your sales and the provided serial number which was received in a separate email. Enter this data and click “Activate”.

Product Page

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Concerned User

hi – is this crack supposed to work for ground services too? cause it does not. they still only work 5mins and then demo notice.

Concerned User

Makes sense. Awesome share, nonetheless! Thank you!