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SamScene – Hong Kong City Times


The Hong Kong City Times scenery shows the real environment of Hong Kong today. It shows the side of Hong Kong in the new era, therefore the old Kai Tak Airport is not included, instead it includes the modern new area of Kai Tak nowadays.

It may require manually add into the scenery library.

Scenery features
* over 300 custom iconic buildings and apartments
* many famous museums, buildings, apartments, hotels, banks, landmarks in Hong Kong island and Kowloon area
* beautiful and detailed Victoria harbour area
* Hong Kong major bridges
* all buildings with PBR material
* beautiful night effects
* Hong Kong styled buildings and apartments in New Territory such as Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Sha Tin and Tai Po, etc…

This scenery is not compatible with Flytampa Kai Tak as many objects in the city would be duplicated, Flytampa Kai Tak represents Hong Kong in the time before 1997, while SamScene3D Hong Kong represents the time after 1997, and the days in the new era.

Orbx FTX global, vector, buildings HD, WF VHHH, Taxi2gate VHHH
It is compatible with P3Dv4.5 but it may have color correction and fps issue, so we do not recommend.

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Also pls share Samscene3D New Delhi city kindly.