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Routeann Studio – ZSOF Hefei-Xinqiao International Airport V1.10


Hefei Xinqiao International Airport (IATA: HFE, ICAO: zsof) was officially opened on May 30, 2013. It is located in Gaoliu street, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, 31.8km away from the city center of Hefei. It is a 4E International Airport, regional hub airport and member of Huadong airport group.

Product features:

1. Sode dynamic jetways and VDGS (SODE VDGS needed)

2. Sode driven four seasons mapping and lighting effects (support night and day low visibility operation)

3. Animation windsock

4. Animation hangar door

5. Dynamic lighting

2020.11.29 V1.10 Update Log:

1.Rebuild the Ground Sign of Ramp under the latest standard.

2.Fixed the colour of some textures.

V1.02 Update Log:

1.Corrected the ADE altitude of the airport reference point and the position of the ILS/DME,fixed the problem of seeing Luogang airport at beginning.(Manually delete BGLfiles is no longer needed)

2.Fixed colour of some textures.

3.Prepar3D v5 version has been added.

V1.01 Update Log:
1.Fixed low frame rate problem with dynamic lighting on.
2.Added VDGS to the GATE8-11,17(SODE VDGS needed)

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