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Romantic Wings – Legendary Aircraft Pack 1 – A6M5 ‘Zero’ and A6M–N ‘Rufe’ v0.3.0


This Romantic Wings Legendary Aircraft Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator includes the Mitsubishi A6M5 ‘Zero’ or ‘Zeke’ fighter plane in nine liveries, the A6M5 ‘Zero’ in a Kamikaze version (pilot with headband) with two liveries and the A6M-N ‘Rufe’ seaplane in six liveries.

All the included aircraft were built to represent their real-world counterparts which were used in World War II as closely as possible.

Also included in this pack is the Suwanose Jima (RJX8) airfield on a volcanic island in Japan. (This airfield has existed in MSFS since the Japan World Update; if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should download it from your Profile > Content Manager.)

Ships and other objects

Two aircraft carriiers are included: the ‘AKAGI’ with it’s typical slanted deck and the flat-deck ‘KAGA’

The decks are hardened and you can land on them with some practice. There are no functional wire traps to catch the tail hook of the ‘Zero’ – just use your brakes and don’t come in too fast!

The ‘Kamikawa Maru’ seaplane tender, is available near the island to create an interesting landing spot for your ‘Rufe’ seaplane.

Among the other included ships are merchant freighters and more.

Trucks and AAA guns are also included.

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