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Resentium – Global Earth


A new era of representation of reality for X-Plane 11

Global Earth will make the world of  X-Plane very exciting. It will create a whole new perspective of the simulator.

Until now X-Plane has not seen such products.

The product has three main parts: 

  1. The first part – a lot of variable non-tile textures of the earth’s terrain.
  2. The second part is an improved autogen. No need to talk about it: You just need to see the screenshots.
  3. And the third main part of the product is realistic forests and trees with true density and real color tones.

But the Resentium development team didn’t stop there and made a very convenient and user-friendly software for installation product.

Main features:

  • Highly detailed custom terrain textures whole the world
  • High resolution of all terrain textures whole the world
  • Highly detailed mountains area
  • Removed sharp transitions between different terrain textures
  • Work well with any mesh for x-plane 11
  • Improved autogen textures 
  • Improved facades textures 
  • New night lightning from autogen
  • Autogen has realistic color shades
  • Partial application of PBR technology to autogen
  • Well visible from height the color of houses roofs
  • Work well with Ortho4XP
  • Realistic dense forests
  • Gorgeous trees color

Product Page

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