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Red Wing Simulations – Lockheed L–1049 Super–Constellation v0.1.9


She is one of the legends of aviation.

The L1049 was the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic in one go. An advanced comfort and technology including a former ILS or a live engine analyzer, as well as a majestic fuselage, earned it its letters of nobility.

Her nickname is Connie or Queen of the skies many years before the 747.


• L-1049B or C121C (Breitling livery).
• L-1049G (Air France livery) with wing tanks
• L-1049G (TWA livery) with wing tanks
• Optimised graphics and multi level of detail model.
• 8K and 4K textures High-quality textures, including rain effects and icing.
• Fully fonctionnal 3D Cockpit, including electric, hydraulic and de-icing systems.
• Simplifiyed passengers cabin.
• Additional 3D for stairs, services, openning doors,life rafts, remove before flight and 3D characters for refulling.
• WWise realistic Wright engines R-3350 soundpack.
• An easy mode adds some usefull help, bugs and warning lights.
• Simplified damage system including belly landing or water ditching.
• Fully French cockpit for the AIR FRANCE livery (UK optional)
• VFX smoke engine at start, fuel dumping.
• Clipboard “ipad” to manage options.

– Modified: Electric system
– Added: Clipboard placement
– Added: Clipboard pages checklist normal/emerg.
– Modified: Clipboard status page more detailed
– Added: Pax hidden or showing.
– Added: Clipboard maintenance button for damage repair
– Added: Cargo door 1049H animated
– Replace: Breitling livery by MATS new livery
– Modified: Center of gravity replaced
– Modified: payload preconfig national/international and transatlantic
– Added: Electric fuses and failures x 48
– Added: Animated notebook on F.E. desk
– Added: F.E. notebook dynamic charts, consumption pages, fuel config
– Fixed: Voice bug
– Fixed: status page
– Fixed: Autoland AI speed manage then reverse on ground and manage checklist
– Modified: oil system for engine and cooler flaps management
– Modified: Fuel system for engine and all pumps fuse
– Modified: CHT temp cylinder and cowl flaps cooling management
– Modified: RAM system and anim and carb air heating/cooling management
– Fixed: text over KNOB OVERHEAD FLOOD lights
– Added: overspeed propeller failure, including blade lost
– Fixed: 3D blades rotation to 180°on ground
– Fixed: service stairs position under wings
– Fixed: A.P. clutch decals
– Fixed: Clipboard page 1 text FLY instead of FLT.
– Fixed: Deice decals HIGH/LOW instead of TP/LOW
– Fixed: checklist approach pump 2/2A 3/3A manag.
– Fixed: Elevator trim needle.
– Fixed: Fuel system mechanical pumps or High low electric pumps for tank 1 2 2A 3 3A 4 5
– Fixed: LODS optimization for every livery
– Fixed: Reverse needle
– Fixed: Fuel qty needle align.
– Added: 3D pax display
– Fixed: Nesa and radio warning lights
– Added: Switch iinstalled for HYD1 to HYD crossfeed inhib.
– Added: Controls damaged if overspeed aileron/rudder/flaps/elevator
– Added: limit of control if damaged due to overspeed
– Added: AI pilot manage pneumatic Deice system
– Added: oil consumption and display use over time
– Fixed: by default at start no stairs
– Fixed: Pilot and copilot now visible from outside cockpit

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