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PMS50 – GTN750 Premium v2.1.44


The PMS50 GTN750 is a GPS instrument that looks similar as the original GARMIN GTN750.


• Audio panel
• Transponder
• Map
• Flight plan editing and leg
• Procedures with preview
• Direct To
• Nearest pages
• Waypoint pages
• Messaging
• In-game toolbar panel
• Map waypoint selection
• Map waypoint elevation data
• NAVIGRAPH Charts (Requires a Navigraph Charts Ultimate subscription)
• Traffic page (TCAS)
• Terrain page
• Weather radar
• FPL preview
• FPL import
• FPL invert
• FPL Catalog (load and save)
• Airways
• Textual Metar
• VCALC Utility
• User waypoints
• Timers
• Fuel planning
• Checklists
• Visual approaches*
• Vectors to final*
• Holds*

*Only for aircrafts compatible with the Working Title Technology (WTT) and for aircrafts using the WT G1000 Nxi with the toolbar panel GTN750.

– SU10 compatibility.
– Bugfix: the map CDI cursor was hidden by the From/TO arrow.
– Bugfix: APGA KAP140: the vertical mode may sometimes not turn to VS when engaging AP.
– Workaround to a Simbrief pln file issue (simbrief pln files are missing information for waypoints attached to an airport).
– G1000 MFD replacement mods are now working with the G1000Nxi (be sure to update the G1000 replacement package for your aircraft).
– Audio panel MON button: possibility to change monitoring when the aircraft has COM3 MIC enabled. Pressing the MON button then toggles COM1, COM2, COM1+COM2, NONE.
– Bugfix: some map airport symbol orientations are bad (Workaround to a sim issue).

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