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ORBX – EDBJ – Jena Schoengleina Airport – 1.0.6


EDBJ Jena Schoengleina Airport and EDOU Weimar Umpferstedt Airport. EDBJ is located in the town of Schöngleina. The history of this airport dates back to 1929 when gliding sports were carried out at Jena-Zwätzen and was first located at Jena Kernberge and later on at Drackendorf. In 1941 the airfield was established in its current location only to close again in 1945. In 1956 airfield operations restarted and it was only in 1991 that under federal German law that it was approved as airfield. Since then it has expanded with hangars and a new asphalt runway. Located 23 km from the EDBJ is the small and cozy airfield – EDOU Weimar Umpferstedt. Both are great places to start your aerial adventures in the green heart of Germany.

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