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NETAVIO – Citation CJ4 Proline21 – 1.10


NETAVIO Citation CJ4 – The Ultimate Business Jet Simulation for X-Plane

The World’s Fastest Single Pilot Certified, High Performance Jet available now on the store !

This X-Plane business jet is developed by experienced type rated CJ4 pilots for professional pilots !

NETAVIO quality 3D model

  • Detailed exterior, cabin and cockpit design
  • 3D model includes a good balance of 3d polygons for fast frame rates on laptop computers
  • 2 luxurious passenger cabin design options 
  • Functional baggage doors as well as battery, GPU, hydraulic, and fuel panels
  • 4K PBR textures by acclaimed Digital Artist David Rencsenyi, (Star Wars Episode VII)
  • 8 gorgeous 4K liveries included
  • Paint kit included
  • Smooth and VR friendly avionic panels, animated switches, knobs, flight and throttle controls

High Resolution Aerodynamic model

  • Aerodynamic flight model accuracy within 2 % of actual aircraft flight performance at high altitude and within 5% at low altitudes, adjusted for X-Plane’s atmospheric limitations 
  • Performance taken from in flight measurements, flight data recorders and further calibration with aircraft performance tables

High Resolution Engine Performance model

  • Engine performance fine-tuned precisely to emulate Williams FJ44-4A
  • Engine performance data taken from in flight measurements, from engine start, takeoff, climb, cruise thrust settings profiles up to max certified altitude of 45,000 feet
  • Custom FADEC driven engine thrust ratings, 
  • Accurate startup sequence, ITTs, fuel flows calibrated per cruise altitude
  • Custom EICAS, Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System 

High Resolution Avionics

  • Super sharp 4K avionic displays
  • Avionics using XLua plugin offering one of the highest refresh rates possible with minimum GPU resources
  • (a solid 30 fps achieved on Apple’s new M1 MacBook Air with mid graphic settings)

Realistic Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 Emulation

  • Custom DCP (Display Control Panel), CCP (Cursor Control Panel), FGP-3000 (Flight Guidance Panel)
  • Custom PFD Menu Items and MFD Menu Items faithfully reproduced
  • Accurate Vspeeds, Baro, HSI modes and PFD format settings 
  • Climb, Pitch, FLC, Nav and Approach modes as per ProLine 21
  • Dual Rockwell Collins CDU-3000’s enabling simultaneous operations of FMS Navigation and Radio Tuning pages with auto-sync like the real unit – perfect for single pilot flying
  • Optional mouse, scroll-wheel for data input

Aircraft System Deep Emulation

  • L3 Avionics, Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESIS) Model GH-3000
  • Custom Electrical and Hydraulic systems  
  • Accurate flaps, speed-brakes and ground spoilers logic, actuation and effects on aerodynamic performance 
  • Accurate anti-icing and pressurization settings
  • Realistic CAS, Crew Alerting Systems 

Now with Ultra-Quality FMOD Sounds

  • FMOD High Resolution 3D sound pack by SimAcoustics 
  • featuring actual audio recording of a CJ4 ProLine avionics, Engines and in flight
  • sampled in high resolution and mastered in 3D
  • ProLine21 audio alerts and system logic authentically simulated


  • Complete set of aircraft documentations
  • ProLine 21 Avionic Tutorials and Quick Start Guide
  • PilotEdge & ForeFlight app compatible
  • Ongoing refinements and avionic features development
  • Excellent proficiency tool to prepare and review for the actual CJ4 initial type rating and yearly recurrent rides
  • Perfect tool for scenario based training, to practice SOPs, Emergency Memory Items, Checklist flows
  • ProLine 21 familiarization and Jet transition course preparation
  • Excellent IFR tool to demonstrate modern avionics and autopilot automation during different phases of flight

Version 1.10 (February 27th 2022)

  • New CJ4 Aux panel to open-close all external panels, hide/show pitot and engine covers, pitot covers animate in the wind
  • New GPU option
  • New CDU-3000 “pop-up” and “pop-out” option with Transponder modes for Online ATC Network 
  • ProLine21 DME Hold functions simulated
  • Small update to FMOD engine start up sound sequence and flaps motoring sound
  • New silver metallic paint schemes
  • Enhanced 3d flight deck environment, 3d mesh smoothing
  • New premium anodized aluminum pilots lower air-vents, cup holders and map lights 
  • New 3d sat phone, ceiling air vents, new improved textures applied
  • Optimization of avionics panels gloss and neutral normal layers, resulting in increased image depth, light diffusion and 3d photorealism
  • New cockpit windshield 3d glass with low-distortion, “you can now actually see and feel the glass profile thickness & reflection on the edges”
  • Fixed the bug with avionic displays not working when panning outside of cockpit windows
  • Fixed weight and balance refs regarding aircraft basic empty weight
  • Increased contrast ratios of Avionic displays, crisper fonts and graphics with new glass layer
  • Cockpit night textures made darker to improve night flying environment
  • Design optimization of the Citation jet nose profile, new 3d model
  • New HF 3d antenna details
  • Smoothing of 3d fuselage sections and tail surfaces
  • Fixed the wings “Fuel” and “No Step” placards and graphics

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