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MK-Studios/ORBX – EIDW Dublin Airport – 1.3.0


Visit Dublin, the major airport of Ireland as well as a significant base for long haul flights to the USA as well as the Middle East.

Key Features

  • Fully detailed rendition of Dublin airport and it’s surroundings
  • Up to date ground layout and stands according to the real-world changes
  • 25cm/pixel satellite resolution for the airport area
  • 50cm/pixel satellite resolution for the approach area
  • Mesh coverage for the airport surroundings
  • Accurate and detailed airport infrastructure based on real sizes and dimensions
  • Detailed AFCAD adjusted for AI addons
  • More than 300 custom objects placed around the airport
  • Over 72 000 accurately placed autogen buildings
  • PBR implementation for taxiways and runways
  • Full PBR implementation for the airport buildings
  • Terminal interior model (simplified for maximum performance)
  • Very realistic night lighting
  • Optimized Dynamic Lightning
  • SODE jetways and windsocks supported
  • Fully working VGDS docking system for GSX users
  • FTX Ireland compatible
  • Orbx Global/Vector compatible

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By any chance does this have the new secondary runway as in real life?