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Logo Projects – LGSR – Santorini – Greece


Santorini International Airport is an airport in Santorini/Thira, Greece (IATA: JTR, ICAO: LGSR), located north of the village of Kamari. The airport serves both as a military and as a civil airport. With its relatively small apron, as of 2018 the airport is only able to serve up to 6 civilian planes at the same time. Santorini is one of the few Cyclades Islands with a major airport. The tower (freq. 118.05) also serves as the approach / departure frequency[citation needed].

The airport is located about 6 km southeast of the centre of the city of Thira. The main asphalt runway (16L-34R) is 6972 feet/2125m in length. The parallel taxiway was built to runway specification and is labeled 16R-34L.


  • Highly detailed airport terminal
  • High quality realization of houses on the island
  • Custom airport lights
  • Excellent night light effects on the whole island
  • Orthophoto scenery Z17
  • 3D effect on the ground textures
  • Custom modeled vegetation, grass
  • Optimized for excellent performance

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