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JetStream Designs – LICJ Falcone Borsellino / Palermo Airport v1.0.1


Welcome to sunny Sicily!

Palermo LICJ is one of the main airports in southern Italy, with more than 7 million pax in 2019. It is linked daily with the main Italian airports and many European cities. It is a very popular summer destination for European tourists.
A huge number of airlines fly to Palermo, and in the 2000s the airport became a focus destination for several low-cost airlines, with a few building a mini-hub there.

The landscape and weather conditions make this airport very special. LICJ is surrounded by sea on three sides, and by a mountain on the last side. This creates a frequent windshear effect which can make your landings quite challenging.

If you like island hopping flights, this Palermo scenery will fit nicely with our other Italian Islands sceneries (Pantelleria LICG and Pantelleria LICG). Also sold as a bundle with all three sceneries in one pack at a preferencial price.

Please note that the VGDS have been removed at the real airport. We will include them in our scenery if they are put back in service at the real Palermo airport.


• Internal modeling for the terminal
• Includes the new east apron
• Custom basements
• Detailed custom animated jetways
• Custom, highly detailed ground textures
• Custom taxiway signs
• Custom mesh
• Realistic night lighting, with hand placed, illuminated floodlights and glows
• Full PBR and HD textures
• Highly optimized

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