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JetStream Designs – LFPO Paris Orly Airport v1.2.4


Welcome to Paris Orly Airport, the second largest hub serving Paris. LFPO is embedded with rich history, with old terminals mixed along with state-of-the-art modern buildings, making the general airport architecture very unique. The iconic control tower has been featured in many classical 60s-70s movies. The close proximity to downtown Paris is also quite uncommon for such a big international airport.

More than 33 million passengers travelled through Paris Orly in 2018, making the airport the second-busiest in France. From Orly you can fly to a wide range of destinations, domestically or international.


• Custom ground
• Animated jetways
• Performance-friendly static airliners
• New Hall 4 extension
• Full PBR and HD textures
• Custom taxiway signs
• Extensive night environment
• Highly optimized

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