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IndiaFoxtEcho – Sukhoi SU–31 v1.0.3


The Sukhoi Su-31 is a Russian single-engined aerobatic aircraft designed by Sukhoi as a lighter and more powerful version of the Sukhoi Su-29.

The design of the aircraft started in 1991 as a single-seat development of the earlier Sukhoi Su-29 with a more powerful Vedeneyev M14PF engine and new landing gear. The low-wing cantilever monoplane first flew in June 1992 as the Su-29T and the first production aircraft flying in 1994.

The package contains:

– Detailed exterior and interior models

– 7 different liveries (white with red/blue/black/azure/pink/green stripes and yellow with black stripes)

– Bespoke WWise sound package

– Flight model suitable for most basic and advanced aerobatic maneuvres*

* – at the moment of the release, snap roll and knife edge maneuvres are not possible/controllable.

Product Page


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