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FlyingIron Simulations – Spitfire L.F Mk IXc v1.2.1


A timeless legend, an icon, a hero and arguably one of the most beautiful aircraft to have ever existed.

Designed by Supermarine to be a short-range, high-performance interceptor, the Spitfire is most famous for it’s pivotal role in World War II & The Battle of Britain where it was a key weapon against Axis forces. Instantly recognizable by it’s iconic elliptical wing, the Spitfire needs little introduction from us.


• 3D Cockpit Model built from Heritage Flight Simulations incredibly detailed CAD Model
• The model is a perfect replica of the Spitfire Mk IX cockpit, down to the smallest detail, and is used for the production of HFS’s amazing cockpit replica.
• This is of course backed up by our usual ultra-high Artwork standards across the entire aircraft – the in-game screenshots say more here than we ever could! Combined with the gorgeous scenery of MSFS, prepare to be blown away by just how good an old legend can look inside a modern simulator.

– Systems:
– Reverted fuel pump to OFF during cold start
– Set default pilot to WWII
– Improved fuel valve logic. The fuel valve can now be toggled with the Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve keybind.
– GNS430 can now be powered on/off with the COM1 volume button
– Improved the rudder trim wheel interaction speed
– Fixed radiator flap not responding to manual override
– Fixed clock animation
– Halved the speed of icing
– Improved the baro knob
– Wobble pump logic improved
– Added aileron trim control to tablets settings. Be sure to TURN OFF ‘Auto Rudder’ in the assistance settings as this is causing major right roll.
– Base oil temperature slightly decreased
– Optimized primer animation and interaction code
– Canopy slide auto-shuts under a steeper angle now, making it easier to open on approach.
– Transponder digit rolls corrected
– Fixed checklists by removing incorrect idle/cutoff reference
– Fixed CTD when saving custom camera views

– Flight Model:
– Slightly tweaked performance to compensate for SU9 changes (slightly lowered thrust at take-off)
– Reduced wheel brake power

– Sound:
– Engine starter whine sound re-added
– New engine booster sound added
– Added startup pops and backfires
– Added prop sound when engine is turned off
– Engine shutdown timing with sound improved
– Improved groundroll and propwash transitions
– General rebalancing

– Art:
– Greatly improved the cockpit shadows and eliminated almost all light leaking
– Modified clock arms to more accurately reflect the real gauge

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