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Colombian Virtual Design – SKFL Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes / Florencia Airport v1.0.0



The FLORENCIA Airport began to be built in January 1947 by order of Carlos Jiménez Gómez. It bears the name of Captain Gustavo Artunduaga, who was a great promoter of aviation in Caquetá.
After a few exploits by audacious pilots in this region, air navigation was organized.
The Caquetá air service was officially inaugurated in 1952.

Between 2006 and 2008, the airport was the object of investments of around 22,000 million pesos by the Government of Colombia through Civil Aeronautics, among which the lighting of the runway to allow night operations, the improvement of the passenger terminal, the installation of closed-circuit television surveillance and the adaptation of the boarding and baggage claim halls.

On January 16, 2012, the remodeling works of the passenger terminal, control tower, platform, cargo holds and fire station were handed over to the service, after an investment of eleven thousand two hundred million pesos. Meanwhile, the complementary works for the improvement of access roads, urban planning works and an electrical substation for three thousand six hundred million Colombian pesos continued.

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