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Dublin Airport – EIDW XP11

Welcome to Dublin! As the largest airport in Ireland, 12th busiest in Europe, as well as being the base of Aer Lingus and Ryanair, there’s a lot to explore! This is our largest XP11 project to date, but just because it’s expansive, it doesn’t mean it’s not detailed. Through heavily optimised objects and textures, we have been able to keep performance smooth whilst ensuring the highest level of detail, which goes so far as to include 3D people, 3D vegetation and thousands of accurately placed custom objects specific to Dublin. 

Features Include:
Up to date HD Ortho imagery sourced from August 2021
Fully custom terminals, airport buildings and nearby buildings
Includes all nearby farms, warehouses and business parks
Partial terminal interiors modelled
Custom 4K PBR SAM Jetways
Custom HD forests and vegetation
3D volumetric Grass
3D trees (FPS friendly)

3D People at selected locations
Custom HD PBR vehicles (airside and landside)
Accurate layout as of early 2022
Optional HD PBR static aircraft (FPS Friendly)
Fully custom dynamic lighting reflecting real world lighting tones
4K PBR ground textures – including reflective puddles and ‘wet look’ areas of aprons
Fully accurate ground markings – including accurately modelled cracks / wear & tear

Thousands of accurately placed objects and textures 
Full Traffic Global compatibility
Fully accurate airport layout referenced from latest charts
Airport charts included

XP11 V1.5+
Vulkan Compatible

This product Does require the Boundless Library – available to download for free HERE

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