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AzurPoly – Bede BD–5J v2.1.0


AzurPoly is proud to present his first aircraft for MSFS !

The BD-5J is a single-engine, homebuilt jet aircraft sold as a kit by Bede Aircraft. With its length smaller than 4 meters, it is powered by a tail-mounted Microturbo TRS18, offering a maximum thrust of 1,1 kN. Its appearance in numerous airshows and in the famous James Bond movie Octopussy made it famous.

Atypical and fun to fly, you will love doing some aerobatics in the BD-5J.


• 4096 pixels PBR textures
• Flight model developed in partnership with BD-5 pilots and connoisseurs
• Fully functional avionics, including custom radio and transponder
• Checklists included in the package
• Six liveries, including the most famous ones fitted on the BD-5J
• Electronic flight bag (EFB) with map and GPS
• Custom sounds
• VR compatible
• Smoke system

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