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The name “Suvarnabhumi” means “The golden land” was given by the King Bhumiphol (King Rama IX) to the new airport that replaces Don Maung Airport.  This is the gateway to Thailand. The airport project was first established in 1973. Finally after years of waiting, it was officially open in 29th September 2006. Murphy/Jahn Architects designed this airport with glass walls, metal frames and canvas. The airport has 2 parallel runways. It has a total of 120 parking bays (51 with contact gates and 69 remote gates).   

The airport has set up the satellite terminal to increase the capacity of the passenger.  The project started in 2006.  There are 4 stories with the area of 216,000 square meters, 28 contact bays 8 of which can accommodate A380.  Due to Covid19 epidemic, the opening of project has been delayed even the construction was completed in 2021.


  • This version is for only P3Dv4.5 and V5 only.  It is not compatible with FSX.  
  • The material has been changed to PBR material for better render. 
  • Main terminal and concourses were made in detail including 3d metal frames. The glass of the concourse is coated with solar protective film, so it is difficult to see inside. There is no interior structure in this version. Unnecessary details were discarded to make frame rate at its best.  Yet, the outside details that you can see from the aircraft you flying are magnificent.
  • Jetways were made in detail.  They are all animated by SODE.  You need to download SODE software from and it is free. 
  • Ground poly with native P3D material.   
  • Dynamic light was implemented to all the light poles in the airport. 
  • Real 3D ALSF-2 landing light system. 
  • Runway guard lights to all runway holding points. 
  • Real 3d cars in the parking lot.  The models are custom made and available in Thailand.  
  • Surrounding area including Thanacity Golf Course, King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Logistic Center, Airport link station and Burapha Vitae Expressway. 
  • Charts are not included but you can get the real thing from 
  • The satellite terminal is not open for use yet.  So it is not accessible for the public,  the photos are lacking.  Texture is just guessing.  After the terminal is opened, photos will be available.  So the texture and model may be updated later.
  • Installation You need to uninstall all the previous versions of VTBS before install this version. Just run the installer. Please enable the addon when first run P3D after you have installed,   Simmarket handle all the registration code.  If you have the problem installing the product, you need to contact Simmarket directly.  If you have problems AFTER successfully installed, please contact A_A Sceneries.​

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